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Year In Review 2023: Life’s A Trust Fall, Baby!

Year In Review 2023

The year 2023 was filled with unexpected twists and challenges. My year in review 2023 reflects on a lot of the inner workings rather than on what happened in the external.
When I look back on my experiences, it’s clear that much of my journey was focused on inner transformation. Some of my most profound experiences are difficult to articulate, and I’ll need time to process them fully. In fact, many of these personal revelations are too private to share with others.
Through it all, the song Trustfall by P!nk provided me with the courage to continue my journey. And that’s why the title of this year in review. I’ve had to learn to trust myself and the universe, which hasn’t always been easy.
So much has changed in my life and business, and yet it’s not so visible on the outside just yet.
But now, I can proudly say that I’m a stronger person with a renewed sense of faith. And I cannot wait for 2024 and what treasures, experiences and adventures it will bring.

A Review of my 2023 Goals

  • Moving: I didn’t move. Plans changed. Life happened. A lot of healing happened.
    I wrote all about it in my mid-year review 2023, which is why I don’t elaborate more on it here. But things turned out differently than anticipated. Now in hindsight, things make more sense. And I see most of it as a redirection and divine protection from going in the wrong direction.
    I’m quite excited where it’ll lead me next.
  • More sports & movement: Yes, definitely I did that. Working from home most of my time, and working a lot from my laptop makes it quite hard to get in proper exercise and movement. But I managed to give my body what she needs most of the time. It can be more for sure and that’s what I’m aiming for in 2024.
    Health on all levels is most important to me. I want to get to at least 120 years 😁, and therefore need to take extra good care. Plus, exercise simply feels frikking awesome.
  • Launch my signature online course Feminine Flow at least twice: That didn’t happen either. Launching my signature online course, Feminine Flow, was one of my top priorities for 2023. Unfortunately, I was not able to achieve this goal like many other things that I have planned for 2023. Due to the stress level that a launch requires, I had to let go of most of my plans. Because right in the middle of the launch of Feminine Flow, I had to abruptly stop everything when my life took a sudden turn and it literally fell apart over night.
    There was no ounce of me left that could work and show up, and guide those amazing women, who booked my course, for an entire 8 week period. Feminine Flow is a live online-course, where my ladies receive 8 weeks of group coaching, guidance and live calls from me, which makes it so much more valuable and unique. And I want to give my best and my all which I couldn’t provide at that time. Life had something else planned for me. So, I made the decision to cancel everything and I refunded everyone.
    But Feminine Flow will be back in 2024, and I’m so looking forward to it.
  • Seeing more of my friends: I guess, I partly accomplished that goal. Sadly, most of my friends are not in Berlin, but that makes me have many wonderful travel destinations all over the world. And traveling really is my elixir. There’s always this longing for traveling, even upon returning home.
    In 2023, I wanted to make an effort to meet some of my friends that don’t live in Germany in person and not just online. While I’m grateful for technology and the ease of staying connected, nothing beats the feeling of being together in person, enjoying physical touch, and spending quality time with loved ones, creating long lasting memories together.
    I want more of that in 2024! Much, much more of that!

My Year In Review 2023

2023 has been my personal 9 year. If you’re into numerology, you know that the personal journey for a nine year involves wrapping up a nine-year cycle and getting ready for the new one. This phase can bring a range of experiences, such as loss, unexpected events, death, self-expression, action, motivation, or even destruction. And I felt all of it with every ounce of my being.
As I have already covered the first six months of 2023 in great detail in this 👉blog post, my year in review 2023 is more of an in depth overview and reflection of the second half of 2023. If you want to read more about the first half of 2023 then please go here.

That being said, on a collective level 2023 was a 7 year, a very spiritual and transformative year. A year of deep self-reflection and spiritual awakening for humanity, it has a similar taste to the 9 year. So both energies were pretty amped up in my case, and yes I could feel it all the way through.

And on a different note: oh boy, could we feel the energies of the seven year in the collective, right?!
The past few years have been a crazy ride for all of us. The shift in consciousness has been massive and we’re entering a time where it’ll get only crazier. So fasten your seat belt.
But most importantly, it’s important that we take care of ourselves and stay grounded as much as possible, so that we can expand along with these energies.
Being fully awake in 3D, anchored, and living this human experience in all of its glory and richness.

So let me take you on my human journey 😉 in my year in review 2023. ♥️

Let’s start with:

SOMBA Kickstart & Thriving Sisters Online Course

The year started off with my fourth round of SOMBA Kickstart. I decided to do it one more time because the last 3 rounds were so much fun and a big learning curve for me, and I’ve learnt a lot. Plus, I wanted to create a new online course all about sisterhood and women connections, and the best way to do it is within a container of hundreds of women, all doing the same thing as you do so you can keep the momentum and don’t just dropped off. This is how you get things done: in a group with the proper professional support. I’ve tried it the other way around for years and it only got me so far.

During my mid-year review, I wrote about my experience as an affiliate of SOMBA Kickstart in 2022. At the end of 2023, I was once again an affiliate, because I wholeheartedly believe in this program. I mean I’ve done it 4 times, that’s quite telling, isn’t it?
And without Sigrun and her excellent online courses, I wouldn’t be writing this review for 2023, or even have a this online business as it is right now.

Gaining Insight into the Inner Workings of a Multi-Million Dollar Business as an Affiliate

Two women sitting and smiling: one with a white blazer and long brown hair, the other in an elegant red jersey

Being an affiliate has its benefits, one of them being able to peek behind the curtain of a multi-million dollar business. We had the chance to observe their launch strategies and marketing approaches. As someone who dreams of achieving a similar level of success, it was an incredible opportunity to learn from someone who has done it and to learn from the best.
Furthermore, the support we received from Team Sigrun during the affiliate launch was exceptional, and made the experience even more enjoyable. Big thanks goes to Susan. You are my heroine. Thank you for everything.
And as with everything, it takes a village.
I have written about my SOMBA Kickstart journey in more detail, and if you fancy you can read it here.

Fast forward to December 2023/Affiliate Launch: This was the bonus Masterclass that people got when they signed up with me for Sigrun’s 12 Days of Masterclasses 2023. It’s worth signing up with an affiliate: one gets so many bonuses lol. Look out for November 2024, I’ll be there with even more bonuses.

Reflecting on My Online Business Journey

Brunette woman with a huge smile on her face, showing her 3 certificates of completing Somba Kickstart
3 Times doing Somba Kickstart. I took this picture in January 2023.
4 rounds of SOMBA Kickstart, this one was my last. This picture was taken in the beginning of January 2024

As I look back on my journey, I realize that I’ve come a long way since my first SOMBA Kickstart experience in January/February of 2021. My initial 4-week online course, Embrace Your Feminine, was followed by Feminine Flow in August 2021. The latter turned out to be my 8-week signature online course, which I plan to offer again in the spring of 2024. She’s Worthy, my third 4-week online course, was launched in February 2022, and I followed it up with Thriving Sisters, a 4-week online course, in February 2023.

When Thriving Sisters Was Born

After years of working with women and personal growth, I’ve come to recognize the significance of female relationships in our lives. Sisterhood is an essential aspect of our health and is at the core of our well-being.
I felt a strong urge to share my insights with the world and created a course that explores my journey as a woman. Reflecting on my relationships with other women over the years, I acknowledge my many mistakes, missed opportunities, and self-sabotage. I realized where I fell short in my friendships, how I failed to show up at times, and also hurt other women along the way.
It was through this process that I met countless women who were dealing with the same struggles with female friendships. My work is centered around healing past traumas and empowering women to cultivate healthier relationships with themselves and others. As a result, my goal was to develop a course focused on female connections and relationships. And that is how Thriving Sisters was born.

Thriving Sisters – Unlock the Power of Sisterhood 4-Week Online Course

I have already written about the entire journey of this wonderful online course experience in my mid-year review and you can read more about it here. It will take you directly to the section so you don’t have to scroll.

I enjoyed creating this course and guiding so many women through their very unique journey of women connections.

A Broken Toe that Taught Me Many Lessons

In the beginning of November 2022 I broke my left pinky toe. The pain was excruciating, and the sound of it breaking still gives me the chills.
From a medical intuitive and metaphysical perspective the left pinky toe is all about trust. Pinky toes are called Earth toe. In hindsight everything makes perfect sense. It was a time of deep hurt, confusion, and heartbreak, and my trust was shattered.
I saw this as a sign for taking it slower, for being more mindful and embodied. There’s always a deeper meaning as to why things happen the way they happen.
But I didn’t take it much slower: I actually forced myself to walk for hours with a broken toe on the very day I broke it, and the days and weeks that followed weren’t any different. I applied healing and did the best I could to enhance the healing process, but everyone who has ever broken a (pinky) toe knows how long it can take, especially when you’re not resting enough.

This is what it looked like 2 weeks after I broke my pinky toe. My whole foot was blue and green. It’s crazy how long it takes for a toe to completely heal.

Healing Can Take Time

Sometimes the universe sends us messages in unexpected ways. When I broke my pinky toe, it was a clear cut sign that something in my life wasn’t working. Specifically, the romantic relationship I was in was not in my best interest. I realized that I was playing small in that relationship, only to make it work. The truth was, I didn’t feel safe in that relationship, but I had already invested so much that I was hesitant to let go.
The way I lived my life was not the way I envisioned to live my life. I played it safe, not going for what I really want and need. Maybe I didn’t trust that I could have what I want and need and therefore I played small. Whatever the case, my pinky toe reminded me almost every single day of 2023 that I have to take better care of myself, put myself first, and listen to my intuition.
Sometimes the pain that would shoot through my body was so intense that it often forced me to stop in the middle of something – because this is how intense a broken or healing pinky toe can be – and it reminded me why it was there in the first place. Healing takes time.

One Year of Healing

The last time I felt my pinky toe aching was end of November 2023. I have done some deep inner healing work at that time, a lot of purging and making space. It’s no surprise to me that the pain was gone after all of that. That’s how important healing and integration is. It’s also essential that we take the time it needs to reveal all of the lessons and teachings. Sometimes healing happens instantaneously, and other times it takes a while longer which doesn’t make it less meaningful.
It took over one year of healing. How something so small can have such a huge impact, right?
What a lesson in trust and knowing when to walk away from people and situations.

And that brings me to the next topic:

Friendships & Connections

In my mid-year review, I expressed deep gratitude for the people who showed up for me during the first half of 2023. To my surprise, some of these people were not as close to me, yet they extended their support and care. I was taken aback by their kindness and felt kind of regretful for not giving them more attention in the past. Have you ever had something similar happened to you? Do you know what I mean?
Perhaps it was because my heart was cracked open, raw, and vulnerable, enabling me to form deeper connections and strip away all the filters. I’m still so full of gratitude, and I will never forget the people that showed up.

Dealing with Broken Friendships and Making New Connections

Difficult times can often expose those who are not meant to be in our lives. It’s a sad reality that has been observed time and time again, though.
During a time of great loss or when one is faced with a health crisis, for example, it’s not uncommon for a partner or spouse to leave them. The same can be said for (close) friends who may suddenly disappear, which can be very devastating. Feelings of betrayal, abandonment, and rejection may come up and strike really hard.
Friendships are so important and friendship breakups can hurt the same as or even more than a breakup from a romantic partner. And yet we don’t talk enough about it.
We go to couples therapy but have you ever heard of friendship therapy? I guess not.
I find this phenomenon of people leaving someone when showing up matters the most very interesting, especially since I have gone through it myself.
Sometimes people are unable to cope with other people’s grief since they have yet to confront their own. I understand that. However, there are others – perhaps it’s a trait unique to Germans – who anticipate that you will outgrow your grief within a matter of weeks. Germans, in general, can be very cold when it comes to feeling or showing emotions, and that includes the emotions and feelings of others. At the end, it dials down to them not being able to sit with their own pain and unprocessed emotions. Big part of the human collective is caught up in this escape mechanism.

I witnessed quite a few people leave. But the interesting part was, new ones were coming in. It’s as if the people who left made space for the new.

It’s all part of the process.

Nonetheless, it was all part of the process, it was all part of the purge.
In August, a long-standing friendship abruptly ended, shocking me to the core. Despite the pain, it taught me valuable lessons about friendship and its true meaning. This experience also taught me how important honest communication and active listening is, and that assumptions can be detrimental to any relationship.

During 2023 I grew even closer to many of my friends, creating stronger bonds and more meaningful connections. When you know that people got your back and you got theirs there’s a bond that has been built that is unshakable. You will never forget the people that were there when shit came down.

I want to become better at it: better at friendships. I want to consistently strengthen my relationship skills and become a better communicator, a better friend, a better partner.
There’s always a better version waiting. Of course, it comes with its many challenges, because RELATIONSHIPS, but it’s oh so worth it.

Despite the pain of losing my cousin, I was fortunate to meet some wonderful new people. In a way, his memory lives on through our connection. And I’m grateful for that.

Creating My Content Again & Reigniting My Creative Flow

In November I decided to do something very special for my subscribers and followers, and also for myself. 😀 I so needed it after all the crazy and intense transformation.

Christmas, my Favorite Season of the Year

Those who know me know that I love the Christmas season. There’s something so magical and special about it. Personally, it’s a time for inner child healing through allowing my little girl to express her joy and excitement for life in this enchanting and captivating season.
As a child, I eagerly anticipated Christmas Eve and, to make the wait more bearable, I always had an Advent or Christmas Calendar. This tradition is very popular in Germany and many other European countries. And I loved my advent calendar.
No matter where you stand on Christmas, but I believe by emphasizing joy, love, and excitement as central themes of the season, such an advent calendar can be a wonderful way to spread cheer and brighten people’s day. It reminds us to cherish each moment and treasure the present.
And I guess, that’s why I love this season so much, it reminds me of the innocence and childlike joy that is inherent within each of us.

Self-Care Cultivates Joy

And since I love Christmas and Self-Care, and I love making gifts, I designed a Self-Care Advent Calendar for my ladies. Starting from December 1st until the 24th, they have received an email containing inspiring affirmations, self-care suggestions, thoughtful gifts, journal prompts, engaging podcast episodes, and much more – all aimed at centering their focus on self-care and personal growth throughout the festive season. My goal was to guide them on this epic self-care journey, so that they could avoid being caught up in the chaos and enjoy a more relaxed and meaningful time. And I think it was a success. 😀

The self-care Advent calendar was a precious gift for me because it gave me tools on how to uncover the eternal flame of self-love, which dwells in my soul. It needs to be nurtured everyday. It nurtured and filled me from inside, gave peace and joy. This is the essence of the Advent and then, Christmas. The self-care Advent calendar is a special, spiritual alternative to the pre-Christmas rush of shopping, over indulging in food and drinks and overall overstimulation.

– Anna, from Poland

Thank you, Anna. ♥️

Creative Flow

I rediscovered my creativity and my Self-Care Advent Calendar helped me reignite my creative flow in a much bigger way. After stepping down for several months, I felt a renewed sense of energy. That was a good sign for me to take on more work again and throw myself fully back into the creation process, something that I have truly missed.
While there were months when my productivity decreased, it’s not because I did nothing.

Let me stress this point: It’s crucial to understand that taking a break is perfectly acceptable if required. It’s okay to take time off. It’s not just okay, it is absolutely necessary! Whether it’s a few days, weeks, or even months to recuperate and recover from whatever has taken a toll on you. If you’re reading this and are experiencing difficulties or feeling overwhelmed, please take a break and prioritize your well-being – always. If you need someone to give you permission to do so, then I’m here right by your side. Message me, and I will support you. You can also read my guide with my Top 9 Self-Care Rituals for Women to Relax the Nervous System for More Confidence.

When the Flow is Blocked

However, my energy levels were low, and it affected my progress. Grieving takes up a lot of energy and I have never thought I would ever shed so much emotional baggage. I’ve been meaning to write about my grief process, but I have not yet found the energy to put it all together, let alone publish it. I need more time to digest and find the right language, and I also need some distance.
This year felt like an open surgery: everything being exposed, everything raw and vulnerable.

Self-Actualization Through Inner Healing

Nevertheless, it was through my healing process that I was self-actualized and I slowly found my groove again. I started writing blog posts and enjoyed it so much. It was actually one big goal of mine to write regularly, especially blog posts.

Little backstory: I’ve always loved writing. I’ve been journaling since my childhood and I was always fascinated by words and storytelling, so much so that I wanted to become a writer and linguist alongside music. That’s why I studied German Philology at University way back in 2005.
When I was young, I was fascinated by grammar and would spend my afternoons poring over workbooks and taught myself basically everything. I think that this self-taught approach laid the foundation for my future endeavors as a self-learner. I enjoy studying and acquiring knowledge in various fields really. There’s so much to explore and learn! I’m getting so excited as I’m writing this. South Node in Sagittarius talking here

But I’m digressing.
Long story short, I found my way back to writing, and in 2024 there will be much, much more of that. And I cannot wait to work through my long list of topics for this blog here on this website and other projects.

New Projects: Meditation Guide, Self-Care Advent Calendar, Lunar Calendar 2024 & A Year of Self-Care and Ritual

In fall 2023 I created a complete meditation guide (for beginners) with wonderful meditations that I recorded. This little project was so much fun and if you are interested you can download it here for free.

Woman sitting in meditation, her hands in mudra position
5 Meditation Covers: Morning and evening Meditation, Breath and Sacred Space Meditation, and I Am Statements

During my Self Care Advent Calendar I started working on the design of my Lunar Cycle Calendar 2024, something that I wanted for myself, and I’m offering this calendar to any woman who’s interested in tracking her cycle and living in alignment with nature’s cycles, seasons, and rhythms. You can download it here.

woman smiling into the camera holding and showing a calendar, saying January 2024
Holding my Lunar Cycle Calendar. I loved creating it. It took me a minute lol but it was all so worth it.

The best part, another wonderful idea has sprung out of this little project of mine and that is the Year of Self-Care and Ritual. On all marked events in the calendar women – who have downloaded the Lunar Cycle Calendar – will receive a special email with lots of self-care tips, ritual ideas, celebrating the new moons and full moons together, the eclipses, equinoxes, solstices, and all the festivities that women have been celebrating for centuries. It’s totally free of charge. I wanted to create something nourishing and long-lasting, and I hope that many more women will join this beautiful community. It’s all about community and women coming together to create powerful new ways of being and living.

So much has changed for these past couple of years and it is mainly because of the following.

4 Years of Daily Meditation: Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditations Have Changed my Life

December 2023 marks my 4-year anniversary of meditating to Dr. Joe Dispenza‘s amazing meditations. And 2 years ago, in December 2021, I went to my first week long advanced retreat in Cancún, México.

It all started in December 2019. That’s when I set myself a goal to meditate regularly for 30 days straight to these special meditations. I just wanted to see what will happen. I’m always up for a challenge.
I’ve been meditating for many years prior, and I’ve started following Dr. Joe’s work in 2017 or even earlier, but never made that commitment to myself to go all in.
I’ve recorded 3 podcast episodes that talk in depth about my journey of doing the meditations.
Here is the list of the episodes if you want to hear more about my journey:

A Total No Brainer

After those 30 days of meditating daily, I thought to myself “Why stop now?”.
Seriously, why would one ever stop doing something that makes them feel so good and alive?!
So, yes, of course I kept on meditating.
And it is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done, because, trust me, there are those days when you don’t feel like meditating at all, when the comfort zone is too cozy and you don’t want to face yourself, your fears, your BS. And then there are those things that happen in life that give you the perfect excuse to stop or skip a day.
Have I skipped a day? – Yes, there were days when it was truly challenging, especially during April, May and June this year of 2023, when I just couldn’t, for I was grieving. But nevertheless, I always found my way back to the meditations. Because as DJ says:

“When it’s the hardest it matters the most.”

Plus, I’m a very active member in the Dr. Joe community, so therefore there’s never a day that goes by without engaging in the work. It has become an integral part of my daily life.

Breath Work Works Wonders

Most healing, though, have been the breath meditations for me this year. If you are an advanced meditator in this community you know what I’m talking about. It took me nearly 1.5 years to fine tune and figure out the breath, so much so that I was finally able to release a lot of stuck and stagnant energy.
If someone outside of the community saw me shaking and twitching and sometimes getting “knocked” unconscious, they would think I had a seizure or multiple seizures in fact. But I can assure you, I feel amazing during and after the breath meditations. It’s that time where I can totally surrender and let go. And then mystical things can happen, because the door between worlds has been opened.
I’d even go so far as to say that the breath got me out of the deep freeze and grief state I was in and the trauma that was caused by the loss I’ve experienced in the early year of 2023.

Trust Fall Into The Unknown

For me, one of the greatest obstacles I face is learning to let go and surrender control. Knowing that I have lived most of my years in survival mode, I give myself a lot of compassion.
Compassion is what we all need more of.

It takes a lot of reprogramming, undoing, and rewiring. But I once promised myself: “It stops with me!” And I’m living up to this promise. Yet, as many women, I also struggle – more than I want to admit to – with…trusting.
And that is why I love breath work so much: when I do the breath it is a trust fall into the unknown, and it slowly reshapes me, and makes me trust more in myself, it begins to reform me and instills a greater sense of self-confidence. It helps me let go of the need to control everything, as my nervous system shifts away from survival mode and back into balance.

Commitment, Dedication, and Consistency

I’m a firm believer that we have to step out of our comfort zone to be truly fulfilled and happy. True fulfillment and happiness are obtainable when we push past our limits. Personally, self-care involves committing to challenging tasks, too, and adhering to my commitments.
One of the pillars of self-care is establishing consistency by prioritizing myself and the things that matter to me. This requires willpower, dedication, passion, and a strong belief in myself, because there are days that are harder.

And although there are days when I don’t feel like showing up (in 2023 there were countless of these days), I can rely on the foundation I’ve established for myself. Even if I only give 80%, 50%, or 20% of what I’m capable of on certain days, it’s still progress toward growth and my goals, it’s still nourishing myself and building resiliency.

New Year’s Eve: The Joy of Missing Out.

As I’m typing this part of my year in review 2023, it’s already January 2024. I decided to have a very smooth and peaceful transition into the new year. It feels so good to be at an age where there’s no social pressure any longer to join parties because of FOMO. Although I have nothing against social gatherings and dressing up and having fun with other people, I wanted to let 2023 end in solitude and quietness.
I joined a meditation marathon by one of the Dr. Joe communities and meditated from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. in the morning of New Year’s Day. Yes, I fell asleep a couple of times during the meditations. lol
It was an amazing experience to be connected with so many advanced meditators from around the globe.

Facing my Inner Demons

Meditation is not all rainbows and butterflies: it’s quite the opposite in fact. It’s facing yourself, meeting yourself, and sometimes battling.
During the meditation marathon, many things from my past came up – demons from a time long gone. But it makes sense: 2023 was my 9-year, meaning that I was wrapping up a cycle and completing a chapter. This included taking a closer look at my role in everything that has unfolded. It was a cleansing experience. I had hoped to have a relaxing time meditating into the new year, but it turned out to be anything but that!
It was painful and ugly to look at everything at times, and I purged, and purged, and purged. And I honestly thought, I will never get over all of that. I moved through deeply dense stuff; I knew I had to stay but let me tell you: it was brutal.

Acceptance and Relief

In between the ugliness there were some moments of relief, acceptance, and letting go, until another round of deep alchemical cleansing would start all over again.
But I stayed and walked through the fire of initiation, because this is how it felt like: an initiation.
I could’ve easily opened my eyes and stopped, but I knew this was important.
And we don’t just stop when it gets hard, right?! We don’t stop when showing up is what matters the most. We don’t shy away from our own darkness. We face it, and we learn to love it, have compassion. That’s called integration.
I’m looking forward where it’ll take me. The meditations are a staple. Crossing the river of change.

My favorite Blog Articles and Podcast Episodes in 2023

From Content Machine to a More Intentional Pace.

During the past couple of years I have created a lot of content, especially on my podcast and also on Instagram and Pinterest. Someone recently called me content machine, and I don’t know if I like that. Because I don’t wanna be a machine. I create from my inner well, and I create in seasons, because I’m a woman (Manifesting Generator) and I work with my cycle and the cycles of nature.
I often times look at what I have put out there and I rarely take into account how much energy I have actually invested into the process of content creation of my podcast and online programs and other things I have created. It’s a lot of time and energy, but don’t get me wrong: I love it! I so enjoy it. Since content creation is a natural talent of mine, I don’t even consider it to be anything extraordinary.
What comes easy to us may be difficult for others. We all possess certain skills that come naturally to us, but may be difficult for others to understand or execute.

I simply love that we all are so unique. I don’t like it, though, that we take our talents and natural gifts for granted. We should be celebrating them more. And I start doing that today! That’s self-appreciation.

A Need to Prioritize Self-Care and Well-Being.

In 2023 things were different. As a result of everything that happened, I was forced to slow down and focus on myself. I barely wrote or recorded, so out of the few options available here are my top 2 blog articles and one of my favorite podcast episodes of 2023.

What else was going on in 2023?

August: Beautiful Château. I’m in awe of the beauty that surrounds us. I love beauty in every aspect and facet. It’s healing and nourishing.
Selfie Time. Exploring the beauty that surrounds me.
My happy place: Nature! So good for regulating the nervous system.
2 women on a boat smiling at the camera
September: My friend Katya and me on a pedal boat at Liepnitzsee, Brandenburg. Water is my elixir.
September: Somewhere at Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin.
September: Walk For The World with over 200 people in Treptower Park, Berlin
September: Right before I saw this beautiful double rainbow I was asking for a sign. I guess that was a good sign. 😉
September: At my father’s wedding. Both, my mother and father remarried in September. I wish them all the best.
October: Festival of Lights Berlin. I love it when the city lights up. It’s so fascinating. This looks very similar to the fractals I often times see in my meditations. Mesmerizing.
Light Installation: I mean, look at this perfection. One might think that this it’s painted but it’s not.
October: Festival of Lights, Berlin by night: I love walking for hours through Berlin in the company of inspiring people. And I love being in Berlin Mitte. The beautiful and historic buildings are my favorites. I have a thing for beauty 😉
October, at Museum’s Insel in Berlin Mitte: Once in a while I enjoy vegan donuts and cinnamon rolls. I usually don’t have sugar. But I make exceptions here and there. And this one was so worth it. You can get it at Sammy’s Berliner Donuts. I highly recommend that place.
October: Where there’s good food, I’m happy. At a beautiful dinner gathering at my friend’s place. I love this kind of stuff: people coming together and eating. 😃
October: Call with my lovely Kenyan sisters. I met Nasym and Rhuksana (they’re sisters) in 2011 in Nakuru, Kenya. Me and Nasym have been close ever since then. I have lived with her during my six month stay in Kenya in 2013-2014. We went through a lot together. I love that we kept the friendship going. No matter how much time passes we still have each other’s backs. And I’m so proud of her what she has established for herself: Nas for You
Revisiting my trading notes from 2 years ago and learning trading again. My dear friend Mehdi from Iran is the best trading teacher, plus an awesome friend for so many years.
October: Meeting the wonderful Miss Victorine – I love this woman! She’s amazing.
November: Saying goodbye to my dear friend Katya at the airport as she was about to embark on a new journey in Canada. The good thing is I can visit her in Canada. I love having friends all over the world.
Yea, happy and not so happy at the same time. It’s hard to let people go.
November: I love this woman, my dear Zel Garcia. Long-distant calls: New Zealand – Germany. No matter how much time goes by it’s always so wonderful, heart-opening, and inspiring when we do find the time.
Walk for The World 11-11-2023, at Tempelhofer Feld Berlin
Juicing is a huge part of my life. Keeping my body and soul healthy is super important to me. It’s a celery-ginger-red apple juice, recommended by Medical Medium. It’s perfect after a full intense body workout. Get in those electrolytes!
Revisiting my art and feeling the creative spark again to spend more time on my music, writing and art. This is what keeps me fulfilled and nourished.
December at the historic Christmas Market in Berlin. I found a wonderful friend in Victorine. It was only this year that we finally met in person. She’s such a light and amazing woman. I’m so happy our paths have crossed.
December: Winter has arrived. I love snow. The crisp air and the beautiful light. What’s not to love about it?!
Thai food with friends. Food is so much better when shared in good company.
Ethiopian Brunch. I never get enough of Ethiopian cuisine. I could have it every day.
Another day in December, another Ethiopian restaurant. As I said, I cannot ever get enough of it. And chances are, if we know each other we most likely have had Ethiopian food together. I make everyone I know go with me. 😃
December: Look at the abundance of colors and food. If you have never had Ethiopian, this is your sign. I highly recommend Lalibela at Maybachufer in Berlin.
December: During the Rauhnächte, going into deep ritual and ceremony. I love taking a time out and retreat from the world. The 12 Rauhnächte are a perfect opportunity to do that. Here I’m joined by my lovely cat Kaspar.
In ceremony: burning incense. My little altar with little treasures from around the globe. There’s nothing more exciting and inspiring than travel. I have a huge affinity for Africa. The picture of Mount Kilimanjaro reminds of always believing in my dreams. Nothing is ever too big.

My Word for 2024

When The Heart Speaks

It is strange how our word can find us. I thought I had found it or it had found me, but then in one of the Rauhnächte (12 Nights or 12 Days of Christmas) at the end of December and in deep ceremony, as I was attending the Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective with Kaia Ra, I deeply listened into my heart. And I asked my heart what my word, my guidance for 2024 would be, and my heart gently whispered: “HEART”.
Immediately tears were running down my cheeks. – Of course, it’s ‘heart’!
After all the heartbreak and heartache, 2024 is all about the deep wisdom, love, healing, and integration of the heart.

Transformation at The Core of My Life & Business

It reminds me of the time when I first started my business in 2017, I named it “Heart Core Transformation.” Since then, it has undergone several name changes, from “Alchemy of Heart” to “Natural Woman Alchemy,” and now it’s called “She Heals Her”. Heart Core Transformation is still part of all of it.
During one of my meditations, I received a vision of my business’s logo, which you can see below. I could visualize it clearly, and after the meditation, I drew it on paper, then handed it over to a graphic designer to make it legit and digital.
Recently, in November and December of 2023, I was reminded of this logo’s significant role in my life, the moment it came to me, and the way my heart responses to it whenever I looked at it. And therefore, it will be my guiding symbol for 2024, as if I knew its significance way back in 2017.

Logo showing a upward triangle in a circle, and a heart in the triangle.
This was my first logo I designed in 2017. I’m not using it as a logo any longer, but I still use it for some of my art work and to infuse my programs with certain light codes.

The Heart Journey

This topic is worth a blog post on its own.
The heart journey, I’m here, I’m all in! Ready to strip away all the layers of deeply rooted protection and defense. I’m ready to embark even deeper on the path of the heart and let it alchemize me, baptize me and fill me up with the richness of life. It’s a bit scary, I admit, but this life is meant to be lived in its fullness, and it can only be lived fully through the heart.

In general, 2024 will be so much about authenticity and truthfulness – it’s going to be an interesting year for the human collective and for us as individuals. But that’s the only way forward, the only way to connect back to the heart, allowing everything that is false and untrue to be washed away.

My Yoga Practice: Centering myself.
It’s all about heart brain coherence.

My Goals for 2024

I recently wrote an article about the advantages of keeping our dreams private. However, I also believe that this applies to goals. (You can find the article here if you’re interested.) Although there’s a fine line between what we share with others and what we keep to ourselves, I’m convinced that sometimes sharing our goals and even dreams with others can actually help us achieve them. It makes us be accountable for what we set in motion and adds a little pressure that can be quite beneficial when it comes to the manifestation process.

So here are a few of my goals/dreams for 2024:

Childhood Dreams Will Stay Until We Make Them Come Alive

  • Ski trip!!! YES, I wanna learn how to ski. And I want a picture of myself in full ski gear (fingers crossed). 🤞
    I recently “came out” on my social media that I’ve never been on a ski vacation before, which is odd because I love the winter landscapes, I love the snow-capped mountains, and I love winter sports in general. As a child I had a cross-country ski set and used it in when we had snow in northern Germany, but that was all there is to it.
    I think I just never allowed myself to go for it, and the calling was always to go for the sunny and warm destinations. So, in 2024 I’m gonna make an effort. Let’s see.
  • I wanna improve my French and Spanish. I love these languages, and I want to refresh and get better and more confident at speaking them.
    My favorite language is French. It’s that charm and the melody. I can’t help it, I have an affinity for France and the French language (loads of past lives 😉)
    If I told you how many languages I started learning in my life, you would shake your head in disbelief.
    So one after another: French and Spanish first, and then the rest. I find the idea of being a polyglot simply intriguing. Anyone else? 😉
    When we learn a new language we learn a new culture, a new way of thinking and a whole new way of being, just like traveling it opens our mind. There’s so much to explore and discover in this world.

An Artist’s Journey

  • Music: I’m a musician at heart. Music was my first love. The past couple of years I’ve retreated from making my own music for personal reasons. I might write about it at some point. The artist’s journey, right? I have a lot to say/write about it.
    For the past couple of months, I’ve been feeling how my throat, my voice, my heart, and my entire being want to sing MY songs again.
    I love writing music, for that’s where I’m in the void of creation, this timeless big void of expression. So, I’ll make sure to dedicate much more time in creating my music, and start doing music projects with other artists again.
  • A wish/dream of mine: I want to see the Victoria Falls and go back to Mama Africa. One of my wishes was to see Mount Kilimanjaro, and I’m so happy that I was able to accomplish it.
    Even though I haven’t climbed it yet, it’s definitely on my bucket list. And I can’t wait for that day to come.
    I’m not sure if the Victoria Falls are in the cards for 2024, since I have other goals that I wanna keep to myself, but I put it out there: VICTORIA FALLS please. 🙌
  • In general, I aspire to dedicate more time towards traveling and visiting friends who are spread throughout the world, as most of my friends are not located in close proximity.
    Over the years I have become a better friend, and I learnt so much about connection and the importance of community and clear communication, and I want to strengthen it even more: Community!

New Business Adventures

  • My website will get a makeover. I’m already working on it behind the scenes, but yes, things need and want to change. I’m always up for a makeover. 😉
  • That being said, and I’m a bit hesitant to announce it just yet, but in 2024 I seek to start creating content in German for my German audience. German is my native language and I love speaking and writing in German, so there’ll be a website and potentially a podcast. 🙌
  • My motto for 2024: “Joy comes first.”

A Few of my Favorite Things in 2023

I love sharing things with other people. When I’m amazed by something I wanna make sure that I tell people. So here are a few of my favorite things that have guided me throughout 2023.


  • P!nk’s album Trustfall: I love P!nk. I think she’s such an authentic and great artist and I listened to her album Trustfall almost daily. I once saw her live and I was mesmerized. Dig into this amazing album.
  • Ludovico Einaudi: I mean, his music is magical. It invokes so many emotions, it’s so healing. I’m just in awe of his musical genius.
  • Remko Arentz – infinite sound landscapes is what this outstanding artist creates. Dr. Joe Dispenza uses a lot of his music. It always teleports me into a different realm of consciousness.
  • Florence + The Machine: I’ve been loving the music for many years and in 2023 it helped me move through some deep stuff.
  • India.Arie: Her music is balm for the soul
  • Hillsong United: Amazing music.


  • Take Back Your Mind with Michael B. Beckwith
  • Orgasmic Enlightenment with Kim Anami
  • Mel Robbins Podcast with Mel Robbins
  • Free Birth Society with Emilee Saldaya
  • Chill & Prosper with Denise Duffield Thomas
  • Jillian on Love with Jillian Turecki
  • The Higher Self with Danny Morel
  • With Love, Danielle with Danielle LaPorte
  • Know Thyself with André Duqum
  • Medical Medium Podcast with Anthony William



  • Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza: My all time favorite
  • The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra: My all time favorite
  • The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins (audio book)
  • Do Less by Kate Northrup (audio book)
  • Chill and Prosper by Denise Duffield Thomas (audio book)
  • Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas (audio book)
  • Rich as F*ck by Amanda Frances (audio book)
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear (audio book)
  • The Vortex by Esther & Jerry Hicks (audio book)
  • You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty by Awake Emezi
  • The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan
  • Stealing Fire by Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler

Homemade delicious food

I love food. It’s a love language. And I love cooking and coming up with delicious recipes. In fact, when I was a teenager I was dreaming of opening my little bistro in the south of France. When I became vegan I said, one day I will veganize the South of France, making all the good cheese and local dishes only from plants. This dream is not yet off the table. 😉
The following is a small compilation of some of my kitchen magic in 2023. I published an article on self-care rituals with some other food inspiration. Click here if you fancy digging into nutrition. One day I will publish my vegan cook book. For now, I hope that this inspires you to eat more plants.

2024 – An 8 year!

I want to close my year in review 2023 with a hopeful message.
For many of us, this year has been a remarkable one in terms of personal growth and self-improvement. I can only emphasize again that 2023 was a 7-year which means it was all about inner transformation and growth. This journey often comes with its own set of challenges and hardships, and many of us have felt that. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful thing to experience the full range of human emotions. 2024 will be such a different year from all the other years, and we need it. It will challenge us to become truly honest and authentic with ourselves and the world. This is also a year of truth, with lots of revelations. Humanity will go through a massive shift in consciousness. The 8 year is a year of abundance, prosperity, and success. It’s an auspicious sign. We can harness the power and do a quantum leap in everything we desire. I suggest that you take a picture of yourself in January or whenever you read this and write down some notes where you’re at in life right now and where you wanna be at the end of 2024. And then at the end of 2024 take another picture of you and write down everything as you’re reflecting on your year. It might surprise you.

That being said, 2024 will be fast paced. The concept of time is shifting as we are shifting. Make the most of this year and open yourself up to the riches of life. Dream big and bigger.


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