It was when I was with myself that I learnt how to love myself

So very often we tend to to lose ourselves in relationships. So very often it’s us women who slowly but surely get enmeshed. There are many reasons for that which I’m not going into right now. But I’ll definitely talk about it on my podcast soon. When I look back, I see this woman, trying […]

Women get nourishment through sisterhood

It’s through my friendships with my sisters that I’ve learnt to be truly open and be seen in all my humanness without any judgment, but with the utmost understanding, compassion, and love! But it took me a while and it’s still an ongoing process of removing layers upon layers of debris and residue of old […]

The Cervix Throat Connection

Nadine Kuehn - Holistic Wellbeing for Women - Cervic Throat Connection

The Cervix Throat Connection Many of my clients and a lot of women that I know experience some kind of issue around or in their throat area. Have been there many times myself. Whether that manifests in a lack of confidence or expressing their truth or whether it is a lack of self trust and […]

How SOMBA Kickstart has changed my life and business

Online Course Creators

This is what I’ve created within only 1 year of finally getting the right support and taking that leap of faith to invest (one more time) into my business. I was so hesitant to invest in another business program, knowing all those other self-study courses I’ve done before only got me so far. Most of […]

When women get the right support they’re unstoppable

Women are meant to be in community and meant to be supported by other women, their family and their community. ❤️ Unfortunately, our modern world doesn’t really support this truth, and as a result of it most of us have learnt to fight on our own and do it all by ourselves. This is exhausting. […]

Doors to SOMBA Kickstart are officially open

I’m so excited for myself and all the women and some men  that have already joined SOMBA Kickstart 2023.  I’ve done SOMBA Kickstart before. 3 times to be precise. And I’m joining for the 4th time.  Now, you might wonder: “Why does she do that? If SOMBA Kickstart was a success the 1st time, why join […]

Tanja’s joining SOMBA Kickstart, will you, too?

Tanja Zilg joins SOMBA Kickstart cohort 2023

I love getting those messages.  Thank you Tanja for trusting me and letting me be part of your journey, as you were also part of my online business journey from the beginning. It’s been an honor to witness your growth and transformation.  and I’m so happy for you! And what a wonderful thing it is to do this […]

You’ll never be ready. – Just do it!

Overthinking and over-analyzing, waiting for that perfect moment, that perfect sign… “When I have enough certificates, I can finally start.” “When the kids are having their own lives, I can finally do what I wanna do.” “I need to first make x amount of money to invest in myself and my dreams.” And the list […]

Day 12 of 12 Days of Masterclasses

12 Days of Masterclasses with Sigrun - Affiliate Nadine Kuehn

2 years ago when I joined one of Sigrun’s amazing workshops I wasn’t sure on what exactly I could offer. I didn’t have much clarity for quite some time, and I know now I wasted a lot of time not getting the support I needed. It was astonishing to me how much clarity I got […]

Never be afraid of making mistakes!

Never be afraid of making mistakes! If it doesn’t go the way you want it to go, at least you tried and know better for the next time. Never be afraid of risking and going for it. You might just succeed!  And please believe in yourself that you always do what you think is best […]