157: The Art of Self-Pleasure

Taboo or not? Everyone’s doing it, and yet we don’t talk about it enough. I strongly believe that self-pleasure (the deep and juicy one, not the surface level kind) can liberate us and make us enjoy life more. It really IS an art. This episode was a long time in the making. And finally, it […]

Feminine Flow – Your Invitation

Hello beautiful ladies, I’m inviting you to join my free online course Feminine Flow. We’re starting off Monday August 2nd, so it’s gonna be very soon. This is a chance for you to get to know yourself better and invite more feminine flow into your life. Here’s the direct link to sing up: https://bit.ly/feminineflow-august2021 in […]

134: Meet the Host – Q&A Time with Nadine

Hey beauties, today you get to know me a bit more. I’m doing a Q&A and it was so much fun. A couple of weeks ago I asked my IG community to ask me questions and I’m answering them here today. I’ll do more of these Q&A’s in the future. Meanwhile sign up for my […]